Experience unparalleled call quality assurance with Claritas Europe - the trusted partner for retail banks in Ireland.



Call Quality Assurance

CallAssure360 - Claritas Independent Call Quality Assurance Solution At Claritas, we take pride in our decade-long experience in providing independent call quality assurance services to Ireland's leading banks. Over the years, we have honed and enhanced our specialist skills to ensure the highest levels of service and expertise. Our team's dedication to continuous improvement and staying abreast of industry trends has positioned us as a trusted partner for call quality assurance in the Irish banking sector.

independent, experienced, and nimble

With Claritas, you can be confident that our unparalleled experience and proficiency will significantly contribute to your organisation's success. Claritas Europe is the independent, experienced, and nimble partner you need for all your call quality assurance requirements. We specialise in providing exceptional audit, oversight, and consultancy services to a diverse range of clients, including European retail banks.

Over 2000+ Business Cases

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